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Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest

The workplace is changing. Less people are working full time. More people are working remotely. Employees are less engaged. New technologies are emerging. Collaboration is not just a better way to do business, it is mission critical. How companies communicate and collaborate is critical to them achieving their goals and objectives. Technology is the tool and enabler that makes it happen which is why we are hosting Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest. Where a vibrant community of business and technology people, thought-leaders and experts come together to share knowledge, experience and innovation, designed to help each other transform the way collaboration is done at work.

Meet the first 8 speakers

Dion Hinchcliffe

Collaboration as Disruptive Advantage: Leading Organisations Are Empowering Their Workforce Differently Now

Dion Hinchcliffe

Chief Strategy Officer, 7 Summits and ZDNet
Laurence Fourcade

Social Collaboration for a Purpose: Identify Your Value Proposition

Laurence Fourcade

Vice-President, Knowledge Management and Online Collaboration, Keolis (France)
Jon Chong

Getting Mars to Collaborate in a Digital World

Jonathan Chong

Director – Digital Workplace & Corporate Systems, Mars (USA)
Ally Naylor

Enterprise Collaboration to Harness Skills from Around the World

Ally Naylor

Global Engagement, Xero (NZ)
Rita Zonius

What it Takes to Launch an Enterprise Social Network That Sticks

Rita Zonius

Head of Internal Digital Communications, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
David Roberts

Consumption in the Sharing Economy: The Under Armour Consumer Engagement Story

Dave Roberts

Enterprise Transformation, Under Armour (USA)
Julie Fitzgerald

The Z Factor – Creating a Culture That Enables Extraordinary Customer Experience

Julie Fitzgerald

Z Factor Specialist, Z Energy
Daniel Flynn

Impossibility is Only Someone’s Opinion. Not a Fact.

Daniel Flynn

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Thankyou


The Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest event will examine how adopting Enterprise Collaboration Technology – engaging, sharing and listening to your employees and customers – produces significant business outcomes, enables your team to achieve, transforms processes and supports organisational growth.

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Who Attends

150+ practitioners from over 75 companies attended last year’s Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest. It was the perfect environment to hear how some of the world’s leading brands are using collaboration technology to drive productivity, enhance engagement and create a digital workplace employees LOVE.

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  • MG

    "Coming from an academic background I really like the research approach - the roundtable discussions. The program is built by the community, for the community, and it's the issues we are facing today."

    Dr Marcus Gibson - Head of Data Excellence, AGL Energy
  • JP

    "Thought provoking, inspirational, professional and extremely well connected with future business and technological advances."

    Julie Prater - Senior Director - Corporate Services, Systems Support, ATO
  • John Dwyer

    "I know the mechanics of “what” you guys do, but there is a spark in your “how” that is just impossible to bolt down. It is in the essence of every one of your people - you do it just so well!"

    John Dwyer - Principal Consultant, Vesta Asia Pacific
  • Lisa Dibbs

    "Your conferences are packed with speakers and content which is highly relevant and thought provoking. Providing mountains of practical thought provoking take homes."

    Lisa Dibbs - Director of Marketing, Mater Health Services

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Collaboration as Disruptive Advantage: Leading Organisations Are Empowering Their Workforce Differently Now

Digital collaboration has continued to evolve quickly in the last several years, with powerful new technologies and techniques emerging. High performing organisations are now adopting these new tools and methods much more rapidly than in the past. Learn how top firms are realising improved collaboration in new ways in 2017, enabling them to drive high impact results in surprisingly new and compelling ways that are paving the way towards a more mature and effective digital workplace.

  • How digital collaboration has shifted in the last year
  • Ways the emerging maturity model of contemporary collaboration has changed along with it
  • Stories from the trenches on how new techniques are combining with new collaboration techniques
  • 8 high impact case examples of "new" digital collaboration and how they are driving results
  • What organisations can take away to learn from and energise their own collaboration efforts

Three key take-away points:

  1. Gain an understanding of the present state-of-the-art in digital collaboration
  2. How to align upcoming plans in collaboration with latest tools, techniques, and best practices
  3. What matters most today when trying to empower the workforce while driving business impact

Social Collaboration for a Purpose: Identify Your Value Proposition

We all know that social business collaboration is key in bringing efficiency and heightened engagement to middle and large organisations. Yet, few firms succeed in fully leveraging their online collaboration tools. Learn how to frame collaboration within your company’s strategic objectives, and convince all stakeholders – top management and users alike – to invest into a full programme and actively take part! Keolis, a global private operator of public transport, will describe their successful and ever expanding Knowledge Management and Collaboration approach.

This presentation will:

  • Provide a description of Keolis, their global context and major stakes
  • Highlight how they collaboratively identified their need for a collaboration tool
  • Describe how they used efficiency gaps to identify use cases and validate their budget
  • List the project team’s engagements towards executive management, and vice-versa
  • Demonstrate Keolis’ success in transforming their work culture
  • Present the next steps as they get more mature

Three key take-away points:

  1. How to identify the existing gaps and aches that can be solved or improved through collaboration
  2. How to sequence your project so as to start quickly, expand constantly and secure long-term engagement and budgets
  3. How to choose relevant KPIs to demonstrate business value and sustain investment

Getting Mars to Collaborate in a Digital World

You have all the technology you need to enable your organisation’s digital transformation agenda – but change is glacial, people are resistant or indifferent, and somehow it’s just not working. If this sounds familiar, join this session to learn about how culture plays a key part in the success or failure of collaboration initiatives.

Hear from Mars, a company with a 100-year history and a strong corporate culture. As early adopters of open offices, phone and video conferencing, you might think that moving to digital collaboration would be easy for Mars – but they have many hard-earned lessons to share.

Enriched throughout with real examples from Mars, this presentation will go through:

  • Why the culture of an organisation matters
  • Getting beyond the obvious – how to assess culture in your organisation
  • Going deeper – understanding the personas in your organisation
  • Changing behaviours and mindsets to move the needle
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

Three key take-away points:

  1. Why Culture matters – ignore it at your peril
  2. How to assess the culture of your organisation, in the context of digital collaboration
  3. Practical, concrete steps to adapt and/or harness the culture at your organisation to drive collaboration and behaviour change

Enterprise Collaboration to Harness Skills from Around the World

In 2006, in a small Wellington apartment, four minds came together to start Xero. Xero set out to change how small businesses operate by creating beautiful cloud accounting software. Fast forward 11 years, Xero now employs over 1600 people in five countries, and its software is used by over 850,000 customers globally.

On the bleeding edge of tech, Xero is always looking at ways to provide the best environment so their people can do the best work of their lives. Our organisation places huge emphasis on enabling the skills which exist globally, to benefit business locally. This is the story of how our collaborative efforts have evolved.

  • Evolving a culture
  • Getting the right technology mix to grow and support our people
  • How we work at Xero today
  • Connecting people globally by interest, experience and knowledge
  • Personal stories of how technology has changed how we work forever

Three key take-away points:

  1. Adapting to the environment around you
  2. Be OK with getting it wrong, own it and learn from it
  3. It all comes back to making your organisation an easy and happy place to work

What it Takes to Launch an Enterprise Social Network That Sticks

Introducing an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) in an organisation that’s never had one is both exciting and scary, in equal measures. While enterprise social makes it easier to connect people and find information, don’t assume everyone will be enthusiastic or immediately understand the benefits. In fact, the deployment of the technology is just the beginning of a transformative change encouraging people to try a new and different way of working with enterprise social. This change effort needs focus, but done well, will bring value to your business and make life easier for your people. ANZ shares its ESN story.

  • The benefits of a social enterprise for an organisation like ANZ
  • Common myths and fears surrounding enterprise social networking
  • How to encourage your people to see the value of enterprise social
  • Rallying supporters to help lead the way on ESN engagement and adoption
  • Stories and use cases demonstrating how ANZ is benefiting from its ESN

Three key take-away points:

  1. Launching and embedding enterprise social is a cultural change, not simply a technology deployment.
  2. People will use an ESN if they understand how it will benefit their daily work, as well as deliver value for their business
  3. A holistic change and communications program is needed to build strong participation in your ESN and turn people into confident users

Consumption in the Sharing Economy: The Under Armour Consumer Engagement Story

Over the course of two years, Under Armour (UA) has acquired and created a digital community of over 200 million connected fitness consumers. Recognising data as gold in the sharing economy, the brand has leveraged real-time consumption of fitness user’s activities, workouts, nutrition merged with their commercial activity to drive the tightest engagement model in the industry. Using this highly analytical model, UA has been able to dramatically reduce the marketing touch cost, increase top line and expand brand awareness geographically through this new innovative model call Single View of the Consumer.

In this session, learn how to have real-time, 1-on-1 interactions with brand loyalists, prospects and affinity based communities using technology as the greatest enabler and multiplier.

Hear how the relationship between brands and consumers is being reshaped to provide a tighter relationship and proactive interactions in product design, inventory management, marketing and sales experiences around the world.

The Z Factor – Creating a Culture That Enables Extraordinary Customer Experience

You know you want to be differentiated on your customer experience but getting traction in culture change space is really challenging. Hear from Z Energy about their journey from being one of the crowd in an industry that is pretty much famous for being the same, to a clear leader in customer experience in NZ.

  • Using research to figure out what your customers want in the first place
  • What you have to let go of to nurture the growth of a customer centric culture
  • What the key drivers to employee engagement are
  • Making your customers ‘sticky’ by nurturing a customer-centric culture
  • Tips for having your measures (NPS or similar) be trusted, valued and used to help drive the outcome for the customer
  • Tips for implementing a sustainable programme

Three key take-away points:

  1. A clear understanding of what is required of leaders to create and sustain the desired culture
  2. The importance of employee engagement and tips for making a difference in this area
  3. What a really good, sustainable training programme looks like

Impossibility is Only Someone’s Opinion. Not a Fact.

One of the highlights at CX Tech Fest is the closing session at the end of Day 1 – this inspiring, passionate story.

Deeply affected by the plight of African children and the lack of clean and safe drinking water, Daniel Flynn knew he had to do something. In researching the World Water Crisis, he also discovered this startling stat: Australians spend $600 million on bottled water each year! The injustice of these two facts inspired Daniel to marry these two extremes in the form of a bottled water company, existing for the sole purpose of funding safe water projects.

Daniel co-founded Thankyou™ at 19 with his then-girlfriend (now wife!) Justine Flynn, and best mate Jarryd Burns. They had a simple idea: what if purchasing everyday items like bottled water, food and body care products could provide life-changing solutions for the millions of people living in poverty?

This is an extraordinary human story of perseverance about three kids from Melbourne with zero business experience and the shared belief that we all have the power to change stuff. Their journey is a bumpy ride of gut-wrenching decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves into business, marketing, social enterprise and beyond.