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How Collaboration is Giving Mars the Competitive Edge

Collaboration at Mars

There’s no doubt that as a company Mars, Incorporated is doing very well. But the fact is, like all companies, we still need to be competitive. The business environment, the geopolitical climate and the public competitive landscape is changing, so we have to look for every bit of advantage that we can get.

We see enterprise collaboration as being one of the best ways to gain this competitive advantage. We have a huge number of employees (at Mars we call them Associates), over 80,000 people. We place a lot of investment and value in our people and in return we expect great things. We started with a very entrepreneurial culture, and we’re constantly looking at how we can maintain that while enabling growth.

Our answer to that challenge is collaboration.

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Case Study: 6 Lessons Learnt from a Largescale Office 365 Implementation

The Warehouse GroupThe Warehouse Group is a group of retail brands with more than 230 retail stores across New Zealand. Like a lot of businesses, they were heavily reliant on emails as their main channel of communication and collaboration. And like a lot of businesses, they reached a point where they knew they needed to find a better way of working: Multiple versions of documents, overflowing email inboxes and people on different versions of Microsoft Office. It was clearly time for change.

So in line with The Warehouse’s “better, simple, cheaper” ethos, (better for customers, simpler for team and cheaper for profit) they embarked on a journey to find a better way to communicate, collaborate and connect. This started with a roll out of Office 365 to their 2000 employees. Leading the people-centred side of the project was Christine Sewell, Head of Culture and Communications.

She revealed some valuable lessons her team learnt along the way, and some indispensable advice for others about to embark on the same journey during Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest. Here are the 6 top takeaways from her session.Continue reading

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Case Study: Six Lessons Learnt From CSIRO on Collaboration Technology Delivery

CSIROCSIRO is one of the world’s leading scientific research institutes, credited with some of the world’s leading inventions that we all enjoy today- you can thank them for the WiFi you’re probably using right now as well as the plastic banknotes in your wallet and even for keeping pesky mosquitos at bay (yes, they invented Aeroguard too). It’s fair to say that none of these amazing breakthroughs would have been possible without a high level of collaboration between teams at CSIRO.

But in mid-2014 it was becoming apparent that CSIRO’s scientists were being bogged down with administrative tasks, leaving less time for collaboration in order to make more scientific breakthroughs. It was time to make a change to the way the organisation operated to support its researchers.

SROM (Supporting the Research Operating Model), is an enterprise wide  initiative built around collaboration technology to enhance productivity, reduce administrative burden and unlock researchers precious time to concentrate on making important discoveries.

As part of this initiative the IMT team learnt some valuable lessons about delivering collaboration technology the agile way. Sarah Blake and Norman Spurr from CSIRO’s IMT team presented these fascinating insights at Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest 2016. Here they share six insights from their session.Continue reading

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How We Found the Right Balance of Ownership for Collaboration Technology

Collaboration-Tech-Governance-Ownership-BattleWith the trend for collaboration technologies to be focused on smart design and usability, many are now so intuitive you don’t need to be a developer to manage the tools. This opens up the possibilities of ownership to any number of departments within an organisation.

So where do you draw the lines of ownership for your collaboration technology? Is it a business tool owned by the business? Or is it a technical tool managed by IT? Or perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Christy Punch, Digital Workplace Consultant & Product Manager at Wells Fargo, shared her experience of implementing SharePoint during Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest. She explains how they found the right balance of ownership between the business and IT, and successfully navigated this very delicate relationship.Continue reading

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Case Study: Collaboration Technology Governance on a Shoestring

Collaboration_on_a_BudgetTimes are tight. You’ll have to make do. We hear it all the time in business and unfortunately there are not many organisations or industries that are exempt from hearing these phrases.

When faced with tight budgets and limited resources, sorting out governance for collaboration technology can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re largely managing it yourself. But governance is an important piece of the puzzle to get right and resource strain should not be a reason to forget about it altogether.

The good news is that it can be done with limited resources and virtually no budget. Digital Workplace Consultant Christy Punch did just that in her former role at SCANA Corp as they rolled out SharePoint to their 10,000 employees and contractors. She explains how careful planning and strategic positioning can help create a solid governance plan that everyone can get on board with, and shares some valuable lessons they learnt along the way.Continue reading

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Case Study: Bloomberg Says Goodbye to Boring Meetings

Originally posted on Ethan McCarty’s Blog

Boring_Meeting_CollaborationWe all know that meetings are essential to collaboration – to check in on progress, discuss next steps or simply to get the team together to regroup. But after a while meetings can get tired and have us all dragging our feet towards the boardroom. So is it time to change your meetings up? Absolutely!

Ethan McCarty, Global Head of Employee Communications at Bloomberg (USA), has seen his fair share of meetings. But, he insists, they don’t have to be boring! Ahead of his session at Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest, Ethan explains how he meets with his team and some tricks for holding meetings that don’t put your team to sleep.Continue reading

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