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Losing Control and Other Myths About Enterprise Social Networking

1915431_167354600987_6393460_nIf you’re not already using social media or your organisation doesn’t value it, taking a leap into enterprise social could feel like jumping out of a plane for the first time.

Exciting and terrifying…

Ahead of her session at Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest 2017, Rita Zonius, Head of Internal Digital Communications for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, enlightens us on the top reasons why people are fearful of social in the workplace and the real benefits of a good enterprise social network.

People’s concerns about enterprise social are rarely about learning how to use the technology and are more to do with their comfort levels in working openly and feeling in control of their work. It’s one thing to engage routinely with people you know in emails or meetings, but to pose a question or share your views openly for anyone from anywhere in your organisation to see and to comment on can make people feel vulnerable, even in positive environments where there’s really no good reason to fear speaking up. 

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Why Did My Enterprise Social Implementation Fail? – Part 2

Collaboration_Fail_Thumb_Down[If you missed part one of this article, you can read it here]

I recently spoke with a Programme Manager of a large multinational bank, who was in charge of rolling out social collaboration to 120,000 users globally. They had a few teething issues, one of which came from users not understanding how to use it. Not that they didn’t know how to ‘like’ a comment, it’s about understanding how to use it at work. One user asked “is this official?”.

What happened here is an example of rolling out the technology without managing the change in behaviour. Instead this change was expected.

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Why Did My Enterprise Social Implementation Fail? – Part 1

Collaboration_Technology_FailWith an increasing interest, investment and ‘sampling’ of social technologies within organisations around the world, a worrying mirror trend is also surfacing – adoption failure.

Social technologies are a unique solution. They are incredibly different to CRMs, ERPs, and accounting technology deployments. Yet they are being implemented using the same steps, processes and methodologies.

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