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Three Strategies to Secure Budget for Collaboration Technology Training

Piggy_Bank_Budget_Collaboration_TechnologyAny good project manager knows that training is an important part of a successful technology rollout. Training conveys information, skills and awareness in order to unlock the business value of your new tools.

These days we expect that everyone has a level of technology awareness that makes collaboration tools intuitive. For this reason, collaboration project budgets often skimp on training resources, limiting the investment to basic user guides, or point-in-time communications. And then when projects run behind schedule training and communication get further compressed limiting their effectiveness.

For whatever reason, enabling people to use the tools effectively, through ongoing training and support resources, is an often neglected element of the collaboration technology project. The tools won’t use themselves and without a clever and effective plan to build confidence over time, the real benefits of collaboration can never be realised. After all, if collaboration was something that was made easier by technology, wouldn’t we all be masters by now?

If you are struggling to justify the importance of training for your collaboration technology, here are three strategies that might help you unleash the value in your project:Continue reading

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