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How to Get People to Adopt Change With Confidence

ChangeWith only a small percentage of technology implementations being deemed successful, we’re often left scratching our heads about where it all went wrong.

Greg Taylor, Change Management specialist, and speaker at Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest, says it’s all about getting your users to embrace change.

He shares with us his five Ps to help your users adopt change with confidence and give your collaboration technology implementation the best chance to succeed.Continue reading

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27 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Collaboration Technology

Rejuvinate_Technology_Plant_HandA lot of collaboration technology projects start off with the best of intentions. You’re absolutely committed to setting up that competition and that launch party will happen. Well, eventually.

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, sometimes your other work (you know, that important stuff you do outside of collaboration technology) gets in the way and your project inevitably slips by the wayside.

Well, it’s time to breathe new life into your user adoption plan and get those users back on track and logging into your collaboration technology. Struggling to know where to start?

Here are 27 user adoption ideas, courtesy of digital collaboration pro Richard Harbridge, that should get your creative juices flowing. (Some of these are specific to Microsoft SharePoint but many ideas can be used for any collaboration platform).Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Users What They Want

Collaboration_Technology_User_QuestionsIf you ask your users what they want your collaboration technology to do, they’ll probably come up with something like “improve collaboration” which doesn’t tell you much. This may be because they hear these kinds of platitudes way too often in technology projects (more on that topic later).

The more likely explanation is that they probably don’t know what they want. Yet… Don’t worry, they’ll get there eventually. With some help from you of course.

To get your users to tell you what they really want, you’ll first need to understand a bit more about how their minds work. Brace yourself!Continue reading

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8 Uses for Video for Collaboration Technology

Video_Collaboration_TechnologyVideo can be a great tool to boost user adoption for your collaboration technology as well as to educate your users about new and important features. Here are eight great ideas for using video on your collaboration technology.

1. When Introducing New Features & UI Tours
Video can be a great way to help show users where new features are and how to use them. It often especially important to give a tour of a brand new or drastically-altered UI. As written or even image comparisons can often still lead to confusion. It is much, much easier to show these types of things than it is to write about them.Continue reading

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10 Search Tips Every SharePoint User Should Know

SharePoint-User-Adoption-Search-Magnifying-Glass“I can never find anything on SharePoint!”

Hands up who’s heard this one from their users? According to technology consultant Susan Hanley, it’s the number one complaint she hears from her clients. This has a huge impact on the way people use (or don’t use) SharePoint. Apart from the obvious frustration this causes, not being able to find the things they need causes users to lose trust in the content and in SharePoint itself. And worst of all, you run the risk of people getting their hands on old or incorrect documents.

Most of the time, this is not a problem with the way people search. It’s more often a problem with the way content tagged when it is created, with content creators failing to include enough metadata to enable SharePoint to surface their documents (that’s another conversation all together). It is also a problem with governance and content management, with inadequate or ineffective processes in place to ensure that content owners delete or archive old content and keep existing content up-to-date. But unfortunately we can’t always rely on our colleagues to create documents with perfect metadata or keep content current, so is there anything else we can do to help users find what they need?Continue reading

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12 User Adoption Secrets for Collaboration Technology [Part 3]

Secrets_User_AdoptionKnowledge Management guru Susan Hanley wraps up her collaboration technology user adoption secrets with the third post in the series. Find out why you need to listen to your stakeholders, never give up and most importantly, inject some fun back into your collaboration solution!

Here is part 3 in the three part series. [Read part 1 | Read part 2]

Continue reading

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12 User Adoption Secrets for Collaboration Technology [Part 2]

User_Adoption_SecretHere’s the second installment of user adoption secrets for collaboration technology as presented by Knowledge Management guru Susan Hanley during Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest.

In the last post we talked about making it personal, having adoptable solutions and thinking of user adoption as a marathon, not a sprint.

Here is part 2 in the three part series. [Read part 1 | Read part 3]Continue reading

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12 User Adoption Secrets for Collaboration Technology [Part 1]

User_Adoption_SecretsUser adoption is the holy grail of any enterprise collaboration software project. Knowledge Management guru Susan Hanley shared her top 12 secrets for user adoption success during her session at Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest.

Here is part 1 in the three part series. [Read part 2 | Read part 3]

Secret #1: Adoption is Not the End-Game

Adoption is not the end-game when it comes to collaboration technology, business results are. So often, we roll out a collaboration solution and we wonder why people just don’t come and use it on their own. Remember that you are completely invested in that solution, you’ve spent your life’s work (or at least the last few months) working on the solution and when you start bringing this to your user community, adoption rarely happens all at once. You have to give it a little time, so cut yourself a little bit of a break here!Continue reading

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5 Steps to Creating an Employee-Centric Intranet Users Will Love


Once upon a time in collaboration land, there was an intranet that was built by its users and loved by all who visited it. It was a magical place that knew exactly where people wanted to go, how they wanted to get there and what they wanted to do once they got there. The people loved it so much that they used it every day and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

Sounds pretty great huh? Well, it doesn’t have to be just a fairy tale.

Christy Punch, Digital Workplace Consultant & Product Manager at Wells Fargo knows a thing or two about making intranets people love. In her former role at SCANA Corp, her intranet was voted one of the best of 2010 by Nielsen Norman Group. How did Christy and her team create this? They involved employees from conception to implementation and beyond to create an intranet that was all about the people that were using it.Continue reading

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