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[Infographic] What Challenges do Organisations Face Around Collaboration Technology?

Which enterprise collaboration technology issues keep professionals up at night? The Eventful Group ran a series of interactive discussion sessions to find out. This infographic gives a snapshot of the research group as well as the the top eight issues that the research participants highlighted as being most important to them.Continue reading

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12 User Adoption Secrets for Collaboration Technology [Part 1]

User_Adoption_SecretsUser adoption is the holy grail of any enterprise collaboration software project. Knowledge Management guru Susan Hanley shared her top 12 secrets for user adoption success during her session at Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest.

Here is part 1 in the three part series. [Read part 2 | Read part 3]

Secret #1: Adoption is Not the End-Game

Adoption is not the end-game when it comes to collaboration technology, business results are. So often, we roll out a collaboration solution and we wonder why people just don’t come and use it on their own. Remember that you are completely invested in that solution, you’ve spent your life’s work (or at least the last few months) working on the solution and when you start bringing this to your user community, adoption rarely happens all at once. You have to give it a little time, so cut yourself a little bit of a break here!Continue reading

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Enterprise Collaboration Technology 2016: Trends, Issues & Challenges

iPad from front 3 2016 updateHow are we doing when it comes to implementing, using and managing enterprise collaboration technologies in our organisations? Where are we finding success? Which aspects continue to prove challenging? And what lessons have companies learned from implementing collaboration technology in their own organisations?

We recently ran a series of interactive discussion groups across Australia and New Zealand to answer the questions above and uncover what’s going on inside their organisations in regards to collaboration technology. We spoke to 123 professionals from 89 organisations, all concerned with driving collaboration initiatives within their business.

The results of these discussion groups are detailed in our report “Enterprise Collaboration Technology 2016: Trends, Issues & Challenges”. Fill out the form below to download the report.


Note: If you’re looking for the most up-to-date research, visit our Industry Research page.

Continue reading

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Case Study: Bloomberg Says Goodbye to Boring Meetings

Originally posted on Ethan McCarty’s Blog

Boring_Meeting_CollaborationWe all know that meetings are essential to collaboration – to check in on progress, discuss next steps or simply to get the team together to regroup. But after a while meetings can get tired and have us all dragging our feet towards the boardroom. So is it time to change your meetings up? Absolutely!

Ethan McCarty, Global Head of Employee Communications at Bloomberg (USA), has seen his fair share of meetings. But, he insists, they don’t have to be boring! Ahead of his session at Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest, Ethan explains how he meets with his team and some tricks for holding meetings that don’t put your team to sleep.Continue reading

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5 Steps to Creating an Employee-Centric Intranet Users Will Love


Once upon a time in collaboration land, there was an intranet that was built by its users and loved by all who visited it. It was a magical place that knew exactly where people wanted to go, how they wanted to get there and what they wanted to do once they got there. The people loved it so much that they used it every day and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

Sounds pretty great huh? Well, it doesn’t have to be just a fairy tale.

Christy Punch, Digital Workplace Consultant & Product Manager at Wells Fargo knows a thing or two about making intranets people love. In her former role at SCANA Corp, her intranet was voted one of the best of 2010 by Nielsen Norman Group. How did Christy and her team create this? They involved employees from conception to implementation and beyond to create an intranet that was all about the people that were using it.Continue reading

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Free eBook: 12 User Adoption Secrets for Collaboration Technologies

12_User_Adoption_SecretsYou’ve finally secured budget for that exciting piece of collaboration technology and after months of planning and preparation, you’ve launched. Hooray! The metrics are in and 80% of people have logged in. So now your job is done, right?

Unfortunately not.

The reality may be that in your organisation there are lots of “users” of your collaboration technology, just not many people who actually use it. People may have logged in a few times, they may have even looked at a few shiny new features, but they are far from a devoted user.

So why is this happening?Continue reading

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Free eBook: Four Governance Home Truths for Collaboration Technologies

iPad from front 2You’ve just sat down to start your governance plan for your new collaboration technology. You’re ready. You’ve had your coffee, popped your headphones in, phone diverted to voicemail. The cursor is blinking at you, just crying out for your plan to come to life.

Stop right there! Before you do anything there are four things you absolutely must know. Digital collaboration expert Paul Culmsee has come up with four “home truths” about governance that will make the daunting task of developing a governance plan for your collaboration technology a whole lot easier.

Fill in the form below to discover the four home truths about governance of collaboration technologies and a step step-by-step guide on how to implement them.Continue reading

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