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Do You Make These Three Common Governance Mistakes?

MistakeMost organisations understand that a good governance policy is essential for any technology deployment. So they create a governance plan. Done. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works. Governance is a complicated beast and many-a-plan has failed to be implemented because of lack of communication, over complication or producing an epic document that no one reads.

During her presentation at Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest, Knowledge Management expert Susan Hanley outlined three common mistakes people make with governance plans and shares her advice on how you can avoid making them.Continue reading

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7 Steps to Developing an Office 365 Roadmap for Your Organisation

Collaboration_technology_roadmapThe importance of planning for an Office 365 implementation cannot be stressed enough- the time spent planning your roadmap could save you three times the effort you would eventually end up spending and cleaning up during implementation.

Confused as to where to start?

Here are seven steps to creating a high level Office 365 or online services roadmap for your organisation.

Continue reading

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Are You Asking the Right Governance Questions?

Cloud_QuestionIt’s been said that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. While this is not always true (check out these stupid questions out if you doubt that), there are definitely better questions than others you can be asking.

Knowledge management expert Susan Hanley, believes the trick with good governance is not about asking good or bad questions, it’s about asking the right questions.

Here’s why…

to understand what your governance policy should contain really depends on first understanding what’s important for the business, that is, your business objectives. Once you understand what your business is trying to achieve, you can then work out what needs to be in place to achieve these goals.Continue reading

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Have You Created a False Goal for Your Collaboration Technology Project?

Collaboration Technology GoalI’m going to give you a challenge. Let’s imagine that your goal is “to implement [x piece of technology] to improve collaboration”. Not an uncommon goal. Now I’m going to ask you a question and you have to answer within 10 seconds. Ready? “How will you know when your project has been successful?”


Did you succeed? I’m guessing not. (If you answered “people are collaborating”, I’m sorry but that doesn’t qualify).

Now imagine you were in charge of getting your team to the moon. Although it may sometimes seem like an enterprise collaboration technology deployment is on par with a lunar landing, you’ll probably agree the moon landing is much larger in scope, cost and degree of innovation and engineering. Yet if we ask you the same question “How will you know when your moon landing is a success?” you’d probably be able to answer me in a snap: “We landed on the moon and we returned to earth”.

So why is one so much harder to answer than the other? The answer one of my four governance home truths: Continue reading

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How We Found the Right Balance of Ownership for Collaboration Technology

Collaboration-Tech-Governance-Ownership-BattleWith the trend for collaboration technologies to be focused on smart design and usability, many are now so intuitive you don’t need to be a developer to manage the tools. This opens up the possibilities of ownership to any number of departments within an organisation.

So where do you draw the lines of ownership for your collaboration technology? Is it a business tool owned by the business? Or is it a technical tool managed by IT? Or perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Christy Punch, Digital Workplace Consultant & Product Manager at Wells Fargo, shared her experience of implementing SharePoint during Enterprise Collaboration Innovation & Tech Fest. She explains how they found the right balance of ownership between the business and IT, and successfully navigated this very delicate relationship.Continue reading

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Case Study: Collaboration Technology Governance on a Shoestring

Collaboration_on_a_BudgetTimes are tight. You’ll have to make do. We hear it all the time in business and unfortunately there are not many organisations or industries that are exempt from hearing these phrases.

When faced with tight budgets and limited resources, sorting out governance for collaboration technology can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re largely managing it yourself. But governance is an important piece of the puzzle to get right and resource strain should not be a reason to forget about it altogether.

The good news is that it can be done with limited resources and virtually no budget. Digital Workplace Consultant Christy Punch did just that in her former role at SCANA Corp as they rolled out SharePoint to their 10,000 employees and contractors. She explains how careful planning and strategic positioning can help create a solid governance plan that everyone can get on board with, and shares some valuable lessons they learnt along the way.Continue reading

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Free eBook: Four Governance Home Truths for Collaboration Technologies

iPad from front 2You’ve just sat down to start your governance plan for your new collaboration technology. You’re ready. You’ve had your coffee, popped your headphones in, phone diverted to voicemail. The cursor is blinking at you, just crying out for your plan to come to life.

Stop right there! Before you do anything there are four things you absolutely must know. Digital collaboration expert Paul Culmsee has come up with four “home truths” about governance that will make the daunting task of developing a governance plan for your collaboration technology a whole lot easier.

Fill in the form below to discover the four home truths about governance of collaboration technologies and a step step-by-step guide on how to implement them.Continue reading

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