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7 Steps to Developing an Office 365 Roadmap for Your Organisation

Collaboration_technology_roadmapThe importance of planning for an Office 365 implementation cannot be stressed enough- the time spent planning your roadmap could save you three times the effort you would eventually end up spending and cleaning up during implementation.

Confused as to where to start?

Here are seven steps to creating a high level Office 365 or online services roadmap for your organisation.

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Have You Created a False Goal for Your Collaboration Technology Project?

Collaboration Technology GoalI’m going to give you a challenge. Let’s imagine that your goal is “to implement [x piece of technology] to improve collaboration”. Not an uncommon goal. Now I’m going to ask you a question and you have to answer within 10 seconds. Ready? “How will you know when your project has been successful?”


Did you succeed? I’m guessing not. (If you answered “people are collaborating”, I’m sorry but that doesn’t qualify).

Now imagine you were in charge of getting your team to the moon. Although it may sometimes seem like an enterprise collaboration technology deployment is on par with a lunar landing, you’ll probably agree the moon landing is much larger in scope, cost and degree of innovation and engineering. Yet if we ask you the same question “How will you know when your moon landing is a success?” you’d probably be able to answer me in a snap: “We landed on the moon and we returned to earth”.

So why is one so much harder to answer than the other? The answer one of my four governance home truths: Continue reading

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