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27 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Collaboration Technology

Rejuvinate_Technology_Plant_HandA lot of collaboration technology projects start off with the best of intentions. You’re absolutely committed to setting up that competition and that launch party will happen. Well, eventually.

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, sometimes your other work (you know, that important stuff you do outside of collaboration technology) gets in the way and your project inevitably slips by the wayside.

Well, it’s time to breathe new life into your user adoption plan and get those users back on track and logging into your collaboration technology. Struggling to know where to start?

Here are 27 user adoption ideas, courtesy of digital collaboration pro Richard Harbridge, that should get your creative juices flowing. (Some of these are specific to Microsoft SharePoint but many ideas can be used for any collaboration platform).

1. Acronym wiki

Every organisation has acronyms that not every employee understands or knows. Create an acronym wiki or acronym finder that purposefully provides users with both the acronym explanation as well as related documents, teams and contacts.

2. Auto check for attachments in Outlook

With third party tools it is possible to notify a user and help them upload a document from SharePoint rather than just emailing it as an attachment.

3. Best in class showcase

Highlight the ‘best’ examples of SharePoint Team Sites, Project Sites, My Sites/Profiles, etc. There are a number of ways to do this: one idea is to add a small icon or image to each “Best in Class” winner’s site. You could also add these winners to a larger listing – often this is structured by year or quarter – so that new winners are highlighted on a continual basis.

4. Charity campaign

Based on a measurement (such as the number of user profiles completed) provide a dollar or a set amount in donations to a charity. The division, department or team with the highest rate of completion could even earn the ability to choose the charity that would benefit.

5. Community spotlight

As your organisation matures and begins to engage with external communities or builds and fosters its own internal communities it can be useful to promote these and highlight them with other employees. This can lead to more adoption of both the community and your collaboration technology in general.

6. Discounts

Many organisations have discounts through the relationships they have with various vendors and institutions. Highlighting and sharing these in an accessible way on your collaboration platform can bolster adoption.

7. Email this page functionality

Often just adding a simple ‘Email This Page’ option that is immediately visible can help employees share more.

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8. FAQs

It can be daunting and troublesome learning a new system, process, or technology. By adding simple and easy to read Frequently Asked Questions you can remove some of the confusion and help reduce the amount of simple reactive question support you provide (and focus this energy on more pro-active and useful tasks).

9. Incorporate collaboration technology into training or skills validation processes

By adding your collaboration platform into the annual training or skills validation process you are providing leadership support and authority around the importance of the new technology or system.

10. Inspiring quotes

To make your collaboration solution feel more engaging you can cycle famous quotes keeping content fresh, adding to motivation, and providing one more reason for employees to visit.

11. Internal advertisements

Banner ads, break room posters, etc.

12. Launch party

This works especially well if the organisation is small or the technology roll out is also part of a larger roll out of functionality and capability.

13. Lunch menus

One of the most well used and liked features on an intranet is sharing cafeteria lunch menus. Alternatively sharing menus from local restaurants and take out menus can also be useful to employees.

14. Most recently contributed content

Often the most recent content is the most relevant to people so this is extremely useful to highlight. It also has the added benefit of showing that your collaboration technology is being used which promotes confidence among employees.

15. New hire announcements

Highlight new hires within the company (especially useful for fast growing companies) to make it easier for people to connect, introduce themselves, and be aware of new roles or personnel changes.

16. Name the contest

Common contests revolve around naming your collaboration platform.

17. Online scavenger hunt

Set up a series of hidden documents, events, people, or other content you can reward people with prizes to visit your collaboration solution and familiarise themselves with its functionality.

18. Personalised brand

In addition to branding your collaboration technology sometimes it can be useful to create a ‘persona’ who represents your intranet or makes it more personable.

19. Phone list

The most popular document for a new intranet is often the phone listing. Don’t miss this quick win!

20. Promotion announcements

Can be annual, quarterly or monthly depending on the size of the company and frequency at which these events happen. An ‘on the move’ section can generate interest and also help highlight useful features such as user profiles.

21. Profile links in employee signatures

If key people add their internal profile link to their email signature (when emailing internal people) it can help encourage people to visit and view each other’s blogs, profiles, or shared content.

22. Solution showcase

When new solutions are developed on your collaboration technology, why not showcase the solution? Who owns it, what its purpose is, what benefit it has provided (ROI would be great), screen shots, and more.

23. Site / department / team spotlight

Highlighting a specific site or area of your collaboration platform can greatly help improve adoption and help demonstrate how employees are using your solution to collaborate.

24. Surveys / polls / feedback

Think about not only running surveys, but also sharing how survey responses are implemented or used to assist a major decision.

25. Top searches

Often if one employee searches for something it is probable that other employees will also search for it. By having this feature easily accessible and interactive it can save employees time and can bolster adoption.

26. Visitors and people out of office

More viable if you have a large security office that tracks this information already.

27. Weather

Depending on your organisation it is often useful to know the weather conditions in other offices for logistical reasons or due to the nature of your work.

About the Author

Richard-HarbridgeRichard Harbridge is the Chief Technology Officer and an owner of 2toLead. He leads, architects, and implements business and technology solutions that help organisations transform both digitally and organisationally.

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