Dennis Kennedy
Dennis Kennedy
Senior Counsel, Mastercard (USA)
Ruth Wandhöfer
Ruth Wandhöfer
Global Head Regulatory & Market Strategy, Managing Director, Citi Transaction Services (UK)
Marcel Henri
Marcel Henri
Global Chief Information Officer, Dentons (France)
Milos Kresojevic
Milos Kresojevic
Former Freshfields Global Innovation Architect and IBM Research Lab Professional (UK)
Why New Technologies Have Fundamentally Changed the Practices of Lawyers at Mastercard
New technologies such as the Internet of Things, new platforms and technology ecosystems require in-house lawyers to move beyond isolated transactions and deals to a comfort and familiarity with ecosystems and technology platforms. An example would be a “smart” refrigerator that allows consumers to order and pay for groceries and have them delivered. In response, Mastercard has adopted a new notion of agile lawyering to help move the business forward.

  • Living in a world of platforms (Uber, Facebook, Amazon) and the impact on lawyers
  • Ecosystems must be considered because transactions no longer happen in isolation
  • Lawyers must be technologically aware
  • Why the law department at Mastercard has developed an agile lawyering approach
  • The important 9 traits of the agile lawyer and the steps for developing agile lawyers

Dennis has co-hosted the Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on legal technology since 2006, written many articles and books on legal technology and is the chair of the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center. Dennis will also offer his unique perspective on the most important trends of 2018 and suggestions for ways you can use these trends to develop technology plans and strategies.
Data Analytics: The Key to a Successful Regulatory & AI Strategy
Unstructured data is growing at over 80% annually. Organisations that set up sound data governance processes increase their chances of meeting their business goals and reduce their risk of compliance breaches.

Hear how a global leader has deployed data analytics, including AI, natural language processing and self-learning algorithms. Learn how the implementation and deployment of the technical solution successfully reduced risk, dramatically improved the quality and auditability of its data output, and created an accurate view of the overall economics of its organisation.

The keys to their success were allowing the technology significant exposure to real data, going through a learning process; inspiring interaction and getting feedback from the business. An important lesson was that realising benefits from complex technologies like AI requires data be clean, easily located and closely controlled.

Ruth Wandhöfer operates at the intersection of technology, regulation and financial services. She is a regulatory expert and one of the foremost authorities on transaction banking regulatory matters. She mentors start-ups in London and the US, while pursuing a PhD on blockchain/distributed ledger technology. She is on the advisory board of Coinfirm, a blockchain Anti Money Laundering and risk analytics firm. She is a fellow lecturer at Queen Mary London School of Law and has completed studies in various countries, an LLM in International Economic Law (UK), an MA Financial Economics (UK), and an MA International Politics (FR).
Moving from Largest to Leading with Our Customer Strategy
Large global organisations with huge infrastructures and complex processes are usually about as agile as an oil tanker. But Dentons is different. By positioning itself closer to clients, they’re cultivating a culture of agility and responsiveness. This has been enabled by digital transformation, with one single operating platform throughout the firm; and a holistic focus on innovation, particularly around client facing projects and technology.

Hear how Dentons are partnering with clients, integrating processes within workflows and linking with key recovery solutions. Results are already being achieved. Communication is easier, response times have shortened and relationships have improved. This is enabling the retention and development of top end high value business.

The firm is now looking to install Innovation as a mindset. As a part of this Dentons are harnessing the power of a global ideation program which is accepted and respected.

Marcel is the Global CIO at the world’s largest law firm. During his 16 years at the firm he has played an integral role in advancing the firm’s technology, especially as Dentons rapidly expanded globally. Marcel’s aim is to implement the latest technology to position Dentons at the very forefront of the profound change confronted by the legal profession.
You’d Better be Ready for AI – Because it’s Here, and it’s Now!
Legal playing fields are being redrawn and there is a lot of talk about the future benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal industry. But how do you go about it? Is it about creating value for law firms or for clients, or even the wider society? How can you position AI as an AI portfolio? And where do you even start?

In this compelling session, Milos will show you how he successfully implemented an Innovation effort starting with a team of one and no budget. Starting with the simple mantra – "AI here and now" – he developed and deployed AI applications, 2 machine learning systems, 1 expert system and a portfolio of applications in less than two and a half years.

  • How to deploy and embed the mantra - AI here and now!
  • How to run a techy start-up within your firm
  • Overcoming the challenges that result from disrupting a traditional business model
  • AI enabled client services and value creation for clients and lawyers
  • The end to end portfolio: AI/ML – Symbolic AI – Smart Doc Generation – BPM
  • Savings of between 40 - 80 % (comparing to historical numbers)


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4 - 5 June, 2018

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