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09 Oct 2023

4 L&D Leaders Name the Tech Trends Transforming Learning

As the year inches closer to 2024, predictions for the future – especially a tech enabled future – are coming in thick and fast. Organisational learning is evolving at a rapid pace and digitalisation is allowing experimentation, curation and innovation like never before.

We asked four L&D leaders about the tech that is rocking their world at this place in time. Unsurprisingly one breakthrough trend in particular featured heavily in their answers.

What is the L&D technology (or technology used by learning departments) that is exciting you at the moment – that you believe will make a big impact in L&D in the immediate future?

Fiona Hogan
Talent & Learning Manager – Pacific, Global Human Resources, Schneider Electric

“We find ourselves in an intriguing juncture characterised by the rapid advancement of technology and with that, endless opportunity to leverage these technologies to create impact for our employee experience. One pivotal aspect that profoundly influences various stages within the employee lifecycle pertains to the approach taken in supporting an employee’s learning and development.

We have never been so spoilt for choice in how learning can reach our employees. Gone are the days where we simply entered the classroom completed our learning and walked away with a certificate. Albeit face to face learning still often has a part to play, we have evolved where any learning program or curriculum is usually a diverse blend of microlearning, gamification, podcasts, video and even virtual reality or augmented reality. More recently with the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can use this technology to adapt the learners experience to be more tailored and personalised to best suit their unique learning needs. Complimented by, usually, an easily accessible platform that you can reach via any device, which puts the learning in the hands of the learner, they can access how, what and most importantly when they learn.

This is an evolution that I find exiting. In the fast-paced and ever demanding world we live in, the ability to engage learners on their own terms establishes a profound and intrinsic connection, thereby fostering significantly more impactful learning experiences. Coupled with this, we now have more visibility than ever before on learning consumption and learner behaviours. We can use technology to help us to analyse this data to measure impact and effectiveness. However the caution being, the abundance of learning options will only be beneficial if we use the technology in a meaningful way where it drives growth for both people and strategy.”

Don’t miss Fiona Hogan’s presentation Creating Organisational Agility and Impact using AI with a Deep Dive on Talent Market Places on Wednesday, 15 November at HR + L&D Innovation & Tech Fest in Sydney.

Michelle Ockers
Co-founder and Chief Learning Strategist, Learning Uncut:

“Artificial Intelligence is set to have a massive impact on work and learning. This presents two opportunities for L&D. The first is to help the organisation and its people understand the potential of AI for them, and to respond and adapt to this. The second is to reshape how learning and performance support happen. This opportunity goes well beyond efficiencies in instructional design, logistics and learning evaluation. It presents an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent learning as a continuous activity. Imagine people having their own personal tutor who knows their strengths and development needs; who can spot, anticipate and support them to address performance blockers; who can provide personalised feedback and coaching as people work. Scale this up and AI can support and coach teams or communities of practice with learning and performance.”

Michelle will take to the stage at Tech Fest on 15 November to talk on Learning Evaluation: Beyond Happy Sheets.

Ravina Bhatia
Co-founder and Chief Design Officer, Learning Uncut:

“In my role as the Chief Design Officer at Learning Uncut, I have been seeing firsthand the revolutionary changes AI is bringing to the table in the L&D landscape, particularly when focusing on workflow enhancements.

During the initial consulting phase, AI tools act as insightful advisors, analysing complex learner data to shape more resonant and personalised L&D annual plan. As designs evolve into developmental stages, AI refines content, creating dynamic learning environments that continually adapt based on individual feedback and progress. It even extends to orchestrating seamless transitions in learning culture management and vendor relationships, empowering teams to foster innovation and govern with a data-backed approach.

But AI’s role doesn’t end with development; it permeates every enabling activity, facilitating smoother operations whether it’s about fine-tuning budgets, enhancing people management strategies, or steering governance mechanisms. Imagine an L&D team equipped with AI insights, able to navigate not just current trends but also forecast future learning trajectories with unprecedented accuracy. It’s a robust approach that not only nurtures personal growth but significantly amplifies business impact, paving the way for strategies that are not just reactive but proactively aligned with evolving market dynamics.

In the ever-vibrant landscape of L&D, AI emerges not just as a tool but as a visionary partner, reshaping employee development activities to be more intuitive, personal, and business-aligned. It’s a thrilling journey of discovery, and as we venture deeper, the future appears rich with possibilities, promising a learning environment that is as adaptive and forward-thinking as the technology itself.”

Skills Development will be the focus of Ravina’s Tech Fest talk on Thursday, 16 November.

Catriona Malcolm
Enterprise Design Practice Lead, Culture, Capability and Talent, Westpac Group:

"It’s what you do with the technology that will be the gamechanger for L&D. Its not just about the tech but its strategic application that matters. Learning professionals adept in behavioural design, understanding business needs and audience insights, can craft pioneering solutions for optimal performance or professional development. By blending cutting-edge tools like Large Language Models (LLMs) with timeless methods such as case studies and coaching, they can fast-track experience and exposure  and drive rapid, impactful results."

You can also catch Catriona’s session on Crafting Resourceful Learning Solutions for Success on Thursday, 16 November.

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