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20 May 2019

The L&D Innovation Research Report 2019

The digital workplace is truly disrupting all business. The nature of work, the workplace and the workforce are evolving at warp speed. This brings change to how we work, where we work and new ways of learning. These are contributing to huge challenges with rapidly increasing requirements for learning and development teams.

Organisations are throwing money at tools and technologies, desperate for ways to transform their workforce, make people more productive, and improve their quality of hire, skills development, employee engagement and retention. The L&D product marketplace is growing at an astounding rate as well as providing potential improvements for teams, is also resulting in increased complexity.

Weighing in on the State of L&D Innovation in 2019

Senior Learning & Development professionals have had their say about the state of L&D innovation in 2019 in a recent series of roundtable discussions across Australia.

L&D Innovation Roundtable Discussions

Research groups were conducted with more than 80 L&D, Organisational Development and IT professionals from over 60 organisations across Australia, sharing their stories straight from the frontline of innovation and technology integration in L&D strategy. This report distils these discussions to provide detailed insights into the challenges and opportunities facing L&D practitioners in using technology as a driver of organisational change.

Key Themes

The following six themes emerged from the roundtable discussion groups:

  • Leveraging Technology & Innovation to Enhance L&D
  • Improving the Learning Culture, Engagement, and Employee Experience with Innovation at its Core
  • Using Data to Achieve Business Outcomes and Demonstrate Value
  • Developing the Skills to be Modern L&D Leaders
  • Uncovering the Best Technology to Deliver Your Business Goals
  • The Future – Staying at the Cutting Edge of L&D Technology


The themes identified in this research inform the agenda for L&D Innovation & Tech Fest being held in November 2019. The event will demonstrate how L&D innovation and process improvement is being enabled by technology through a combination of case studies, thought-leader presentations, discussion groups, product demos and panels.

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