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26 Oct 2016

Would Your Employees Give You a Rose?

When we talk about user experience what first comes to mind? What would your employees say about their experience with technology at work?

The best technology is invisible. People use it without realising they are using it. Take Facebook for example. People use it because it’s easy to use, it does not come with an instruction manual, it’s intuitive, they enjoy using it. Snapchat, Bumble, all examples of how the future generations are engaging with each other. And it should be no different at work.

Now as much as I’m still a fan of the old fashioned hand written invitation, a thank you letter and personal phone call, when you have priorities stacking up at work, you need to communicate in a consistent, engaging manner, to multiple locations, the old fashioned methods really just wont cut it.

The tech we give our employees to use should be no different to what they use in their personal time, but often they are clunky and difficult to navigate, making user adoption a seemingly impossible feat. I believe HR is in the driving seat to make huge impact in organisations and technology is the enabler to free people up to spend time on where we can add value…on our people and the bottom line!

Shaking Things up at General Pants

At General Pants we’re in the process of overhauling our entire employee experience and it’s pretty bloody exciting. We’ve started at the beginning and shaken and stirred the way we attract talent. We are finally talking with future talent the way they are talking with their friends.

Now, I can’t give it all away (that would be like opening your Chrissy presents before Christmas Day) so here are a few insights to get you thinking about how you can start looking at how you can improve your employee experience.

Take a Holistic View

Think about your entire employee experience – when was the last time you actually went through the application process, what was it like? Would it excite you about working for the company or make you question whether it was the right fit? So, go on, take the challenge, apply for a role in your own organisation, see what the experience is like, how long it takes someone in the talent team to get back to you…Obv you need to use an alias name…

It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

Budget can sometimes be the biggest barrier that prevents people from overhauling their user experience. But it doesn’t have to cost the earth, there are some really simple things you can do to improve UI.

It all starts with building solid relationships with potential vendors. Get to know their product, their team. Who will you be working with? What control do they have to influence the user experience? Are they open to feedback or locked into a one solution fits everyone model? Ask the questions….As Simon Sinek so wisely says IT all starts with why….

Good UX Sets People Up for Success

Good UX isn’t just about making an enjoyable experience for your people, it actually has a much broader knock on effect.

I’ve been blown away by the feedback I’ve received from people that have applied for roles with General Pants since 2008 that we have reconnected with over the past 6 months….I cant share it all with you now, but it’s certainly a great way to get people talking about General Pants leading the way with attracting and re-engaging with talent.

But it doesn’t stop there, it’s not all just about attracting new talent, it’s about what are we doing for current talent.

Again, it starts with a conversation, what’s the most challenging part of their current employee experience? Find out and do something about it.

If there is one piece of advice I’ll leave you with, it’s be curious. Ask questions, trust your gut. If a vendor relationship doesn’t feel right, walk away.

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Michelle Farrar-EaglesMichelle Farrar-Eagles is GM of HR at General Pants Co. Michelle is a people specialist, trusted advisor, negotiator and mentor with a passion for understanding the value people can add to create an exceptional workplace culture.

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