10 May 2016

4 Hacks for Social Media Recruiting

Using social media to recruit the ideal candidate isn't groundbreaking – but the approach you take can be. Many hiring managers overlook digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in favour of strictly professional alternatives. When it comes down to it, good recruiting needs to be diverse and widespread to be effective.

A combination of social media channels should be used to attract the best talent. At a time where technology is intrinsic to daily life, and electronics rarely leave the hands of users, social media recruitment has endless possibilities. Here are four hacks to ensure your next Twitter shoutout catches the attention of the perfect candidate.

Be Specific

A targeted approach is best practice when it comes to social media promotion. A good understanding of keywords, audience and what makes compelling content will be helpful down the track. A great job listing should be able to define the exact position and requirements of the business.

This is the easiest way to stop valuable time being wasted on unsuitable applicants. But while clearly stating the role and related skills is a good start, it is is even better to outline which of these attributes are flexible or non-negotiable. This is a minor distinction that will help to broaden the criteria enough to still appeal to a variety of applicants.

The more detail you can include in a listing, the easier it will be to pinpoint the keywords and guide the best professionals through your door. Should they have a minimum five years industry experience? Or will they be a recent graduate of a Diploma with a modern outlook? The only way to find the perfect candidate is to know what that looks like for you.



The hashtag is the bread and butter of fast, direct social media recruitment. It allows content to be easily sorted and accessed by millions of users. A well-placed hashtag on Instagram will enable relevant job seekers in and outside of your social network to find your listing.

It goes without saying that no one can come across your amazing job opportunity if the hashtags direct them somewhere else. This is where a strong grasp of keywords is necessary – just because you're hiring during the festive season doesn't mean your advertisement should be tagged #merrychristmas.

While being topical is a great way to engage users, hashtags should be thoroughly researched to make sure they will direct the most traffic. The rise of easy-analytics platforms such as Google Trends make it even simpler for recruiters to determine how job seekers find listings. Keeping your tags simple and relevant will attract the right kind of talent.


Utilise Your Employees

The endless search to find, recruit and retain unique talent in the workplace is a tough gig – it requires the constant juggling of tasks, excellent communication skills and a natural intuition. What many hiring managers don't recognise is that all around you are potentially hundreds of helping hands.

Involving employees in the job search through their personal social media accounts is a great way to spread the word even further. Individuals can utilise their LinkedIn profile to inform their network of the exciting job opportunity. This networking site is a useful resource that enables you to target a like-minded community of professionals.

Even if the right candidate isn't amongst their friends or followers, it's likely that their connections will pass the message on to other industry figures. Utilising the networks of your employees is a sure fast method to hiring talent that will fit in with your workplace culture.


Keep An Eye On The Stats

In the last few years, the HR industry has witnessed a huge rise in demand for analytics. The ability to closely monitor data and construct real-time feedback is an important step toward building a more sustainable business future.

Facebook Business Manager has revolutionised the way in which the platform can be used to promote job opportunities. Hiring managers are now able to accurately track, boost and target their audience to create an effective job listing.

Around the world social media continues to challenge the way in which recruiters are able to discover new talent. These digital platforms give hiring managers a distinct edge, offering valuable insight and opportunity into the job seeking process. Use these four tips to ensure your job listing catches the attention of your next outstanding hire.

About the Author

Helen Sabell

Helen Sabell works for the College for Adult Learning, she is passionate about adult learning and Human Resources. She has designed, developed and authored many workplace leadership and training programs, both in Australia and overseas.


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