20 Apr 2018

4 Reasons NZ is Ahead of the Game in HR Innovation

Bill Boorman and Jason Averbook are undoubtedly two of the heaviest hitters in the HR innovation and technology space. Bill Boorman has been described as the “King of Social Recruitingâ€' while Jason leads his own digital transformation company whose lofty ethos is “helping to prepare the world for the epic changes now and into the futureâ€'.

In a recent fireside chat, they revealed why they were excited to come to NZ for HR Innovation & Tech Fest in July. Watch the full video here, or read a summary on why they believe NZ is ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to digital transformation.

1. NZ Are Pioneers in Using New Technology

“I think New Zealand is generally about three years ahead of most places, particularly the United States and other markets. When I tell people that, they are usually surprised, but NZ was the first place I saw video interview on Facebook, the first place I saw people using Slack for recruiting, the first place I saw people doing what you call immersive branding around the workplace,â€' Bill said.

2. New Zealanders Ooze Optimism

“Every organisation that we've ever worked with in New Zealand has always been very optimistic. And from a passion standpoint, nothing gets in their way,â€' Jason said.

3. NZ Has Some of The Most Creative Talent Around

One factor which Bill feels is very underestimated is the amount of talented, creative people who have worked in the thriving NZ film scene and stayed on to find different jobs. This has created a creative ecosystem of talent that is really boosting NZ workplaces.

“There were lot of very, very creative people who did things like CGI or make props on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and then decided to stay in Auckland or Christchurch. Those creative people had to go get jobs and a lot of them are now working in recruiting and other industries,â€' Bill said.

4. New Zealanders Have Figured Out Digital Transformation

Jason Averbook noted that when it comes to digital transformation, NZ are ahead of the pack. “Digital transformation is a standard phrase in NZ. And it's not just an HR transformation; it's a digital transformation across the enterprise. The rest of the world is getting there, but in New Zealand they're there already. So it's a different mindset than where the rest of the world is currently,â€' Jason said.

Catch Bill Boorman and Jason Averbook presenting at HR Innovation & Tech Fest NZ, 23-34 July, Pullman Auckland.

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