05 Nov 2020

What’s your favourite app? The resources 5 leaders are tapping into in 2020

What’s your current favourite app? Who would have thought that one question sent to all speakers due to appear at the HR and L&D Innovation Tech Fest - DIGITAL would come back with so many different answers? So many apps so little time.

As they prepare to talk big ideas for leading the HR and L&D industries into 2021, five speakers share with us their go-to app, book, world leader and the memo they wish they had left for their 2019 selves.

What’s your current favourite app?

Michael Vaz: GoodNotes – perfect for prepping my online sessions! 

Thomas Møller Lybæk: LinkedIn

Bernd Zimmerman: Twitter

Susie Gleeson-Byrne: Kindle

Lauren Kavalchuk: WhatsApp 


Name one book you can recommend without hesitation?

Michael Vaz: The Power of Right Believing by Joseph Prince

Thomas Møller Lybæk: Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini

Bernd Zimmerman: This Might Get Me Fired by Greg Larkin and Organization Design by Nicolay Worren

Susie Gleeson-Byrne: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Lauren Kavalchuk: Becoming by Michelle Obama


What world leader – of any era or industry – do you most admire?

Michael Vaz: Joseph Prince

Thomas Møller Lybæk: Nelson Mandela

Bernd Zimmerman: The husband of Angela Merkel

Susie Gleeson-Byrne: Mahatma Gandhi

Lauren Kavalchuk: Winston Churchill (my dog is named Winston!)


You’re writing a quick Post-it Note to your 2019 self about 2020 – what does it say?

Michael Vaz: Stay strong, believe right, you are more blessed with an incredible life than you believe!

Thomas Møller Lybæk: Make sure to take your time off and travel to the places you would want to go.

Bernd Zimmerman: It was not the CEO, not a Business School, not the CTO or a Consultancy that drove digitalisation, leadership development and business model innovation – it was COVID-19! Good that you never accepted a “no” in 2019 and pushed for more!

Susie Gleeson-Byrne: Tough times are ahead – stay calm and stay true to your values.

Lauren Kavalchuk: Invest in Zoom.


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